Busy after jogging

I have a home-built diode laser that is using a Doesbot controller with GBRL 1.1h installed. It has been running flawlessly for a month now and decided that I wanted to use the gantry squaring feature in 1.1h. After I updated the firmware on the controller and changed some wiring everything seems to work fine except for the jogging. The machine will jog once then after it is done moving, 1 sec later LightBurn shows a busy signal and the only way to get it to move again is to reset the controller. I am not sure if it is a GBRL issue or a LightBurn Issue. Any help will be greatly appericated.

Are you saying that you can run a job but can’t job?

If so, are you using $J jog in Device Settings? If you are, try disabling that and see if that changes anything. I’m not familiar with how gantry squaring works in GRBL but perhaps it doesn’t work with $J jogging.

I had $J enabled so I disabled it and no such luck. I can run a job and it will run as it should. At the end of the cycle I can press any direction jog button once and it will move like normal. After I let go of the jog button and all axis stop moving one sec later I get the busy signal.

If you hit a jogging control in rapid succession do you get successful multiple movements?

Also, try this:

  1. Enable “Show all” in Console window
  2. Then push a jogging control
  3. Capture the output including the jogging requests up until busy message

Here is the return I get in the console.

Are you able to issue commands in Console and get results in this state?

What do you need to do to recover once you’re in this state?

The Console output indicates that you’re using $J jogging. Did you reenable it?

I just figured out what the problem was. It was an issue with the GBRL1.1h firmware code.
Here is a link to the explanation.

Error compiling only when #define ENABLE_DUAL_AXIS is enabled and Y Axis selected · Issue #964 · gnea/grbl · GitHub

Ther was a closing curly bracket missing in the code on line 600 in the report.c file.

Now I have a new problem lol…I am not able to set user origin. I was able to before the firmware update, but I am not able to now.

Update: I figured it out, I had (Report inches) $13 enabled. I did this earlier to trouble shoot my jogging issue. I just turned it off and the set user origin works again.

That’s worrisome. There’s been a bug that’s broken compilation and reported in 2020 that’s not resolved in source?

Also, had you been using a custom compiled firmware this whole time or the pre-compiled firmware? Wouldn’t the compilation breakage been apparent?

In what way did $13 affect setting user origin? It should still have worked but with possibly odd behavior.

In any case, glad you got it sorted. Interesting problem.

It has been custom compiled firmware the whole time. The controller came with v1.1f and was set up for what you would use on a standard router layout.

I think you are right about the $13. The set user origin did work but when it was set, the position was set in inches and when the program ran it used millimeters.

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