"Busy" improvement?

I’m not sure if this is the correct category to put this into, so if it is not then I apologize.

I have a 2018 MacBook Monterey 12.2.1 with an xTool D1 10W (4GB microSD card) for laser

I’m wondering what I can do to improve my “busy” time. I have my laser out in my metal shed inside an enclosure. I’m trying not to have to stand next to my machine (lack of sitting area) for the entire length of the burn. Can I upgrade the 4gb microSD card to 512gb and significantly shorten the “busy” time. shown in Lightburn?? I tried asking this question in the D1 owners facebook group and no one knew the answer to my question so I thought I would ask here. I’m also considering buying another laser to use, but if the “busy” won’t change then I will have to reconsider either what software I use, or what lasers I’m using.


I’m not sure I understand what you mean by the “Busy” time. Jobs are streamed to the laser from the software, so as long as the laser is executing the job and LightBurn is sending code to it, the computer will need to stay connected, but sending the job is very low CPU, so you can work on other things while that’s happening, even in LightBurn - Once the job is sending, you can open a new project and do something else.

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