Button to Switch Laser to 0% Power

Currently I turn the laser off on the physical machine in order to view my path on my material. Is there a quick a method via Ligthburn to switch the laser power to 0%?

There is a way to get the laser power to 0% by clicking Line mode in the Cut / Layer tab then setting it to 0%. However, is there a quicker method? For example a switch like the Output and Show options.

Thank you for your time.

Most click the ‘Frame’ button (or the O-Frame button next to it). Those work like this:

Thank you Oz for your response. Yes I know about O-Frame, however its not as accurate as the actual path. I have small clearance areas on the material and the O-Frame does not work on small piece sizes. It would great to have a quick on/off switch for the laser power.

Thank you for your time. :smiley:

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