Buying LC1390 G-Weike

I am acquiring a LC1390 from G-Weiki and will be working with Lightburn. The machine has will be ordered with Reci tube, air assist, powered lifting system, ruida control with wifi, auto focus, red light, rotary axis, CCD camera, water chiller, additional lens…
Is there anything else anyone would recommend prior to purchase? I appreciate any input.

I am looking at this model also. How did you buy it, direct from manufacturer in China? What steps did you have to take to get it shipped and through customs?

I’m so sorry, I didn’t see this response. I hadn’t logged in since setting up this account.
I sent out an original request through as that was recommended through another user on youtube. Once I sent the request out, I received about 100 offers off machines. BUT the most important was G-weike reached out to me as well. And I made contact with them… and told everyone else we found the machine we wanted.
I can say the sales person did not review all “options” or “accessories” so what I thought was standard, was not the case. So make sure you know what you want configured on your machine.
For instance, the website reads that a filter system is in place. It does not say anywhere that this is optional… so we did not get it because we thought it was part of it. Now we will DIY a filter system.
Once we agreed on the PI (performa invoice), we paid. Once it was paid, production started and it took about 7-10 days to complete. Once it was ready to ship we located a broker to handle the incoming shipment. That was a little stressful because we hadn’t done it before. But after that… we picked up the delivery order paperwork from the broker then picked up the item.
The great thing about GWeike is that we didn’t know there were FDA forms that are required, and they did it all very nicely… no hiccups. (except with the broker). A lot of them do not do cash payments, and it can take up to 30 days to get clients onboarded… We go so very lucky and they pushed us through in three days.

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