Buying license- need help please-it is saying it cannot find my email

Today is my last free day on trial. I went to buy Lightburn. It is saying it is not finding my email. wanting me to create a new account. Would this be correct?

You need to create an account for the store yes. It’s different from the forum account.

If you have a free trial, they have your email information. It’s keyed to your email address when you signed up for the new trial.

If you are sure you used your current email, I’d drop a note to support.


Happy Thanksgiving, Thank you for your responses. I am sorry I have been off for a couple of weeks. I have to down load and but light burn still. I just bought an iMac. I have the Longer Ray 10 watt machine. When I went to purchase it, The was so many. I was unsure of which one> Should it be the download for I Mac ?