C3D Mini Smoothie Laser ONLY config/FW please?

Is there a compiled version of smoothie ONLY for the C3D Mini laser board? I see that there are ones for CNC and 3D printers so why not have one only for lasers without all of the other “bloat” unless I am not finding it? I do not know how to modify/compile smoothieware or I would try myself but then again, I am at max capacity on SSD so not really an option. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


What other bloat are you referring to? The CNC build is the more compact one, if I remember right. I thought you had the Mini Gerbil?

I DO have a MG but I also have a C3D Mini :wink: I was just looking for a build without all of the 3D printer/CNC stuff in it and ONLY stuff for laser. That is what I meant by bloat. Maybe I should have stated a “slimmed down” version :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I recently acquired a ULS-25E that I am retrofitting with a 40w cO2 setup so it is more “up to date”.

The CNC stuff is jogging, spindle control (aka laser power), homing, limits, coolant (aka air assist), and little else. Laser and CNC are very close in functionality, at least on the controller side.

Will a CNC build also work with the Cluster FW for your LB? I have not used smoothie for many years and am out of the loop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: What would be different in functionality between the 2? I am using the Mini since it can control x/y/z/a and I will be making use of all connections. I also have a CW-3000 cooler to simplify the DIY aspect of things.

You would have to check with C3D to verify that the cluster firmware works for the mini - it was written for the newer laserboard, and I’m not sure if there are internal differences in the code between the two.

A CNC build from mainline Smoothieware would not have the cluster code changes I made - for that you would have to download the firmware directly from Cohesion3D’s forum or site. The cluster code was integrated into a CNC build of Smoothieware.

From what this post says:
“You’ll still need config.txt file on the memory card for whichever C3D Board you have for Smoothie Cluster Firmware to work properly, and we have tested this firmware with the stock files for the Cohesion3D LaserBoard and the “Batch 3” files for the Cohesion3D Mini (the last bunch of Mini’s shipped with that, and if you have aCohesion3D Mini v2.4 board”, which you can tell by the presence of a 2 pin male header near the USB port and the board being off when a USB cable is plugged into the computer, then your board most likely came with these files.”

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