Calibrating cam goes bad

Hello all, newbee in Lightburn,In Lightburn iam in progress calibrate camera,Part 1. doing the dotted image works fine, get a good square image, good…

The trying to do the next step, Part 2. Camera adjust, i have trouble, then i press go, the machine just go the position 2 right back corner, but do NOT stop, it crash into the side.

I manually inter 390 in both X and Y for security and enter 1 to make it autohome, i have homing switch mountet and it works fine.

Where is there a fault here?

Here is my data for SculptFun S9

Ok, i testet more, found out that then i use homing(ABS position) then the software do somthing wrong and just run to up/right and DONT stop… Duing the sam calibration in THIS POINT mode, all works fine, stranges.

Ok, IF i use From here start position all works well,but what is the sequence to use after calibration.

If i push go to saved position it will be off on the bed by 1-2mm via overlay.

So i cant really get it to work proberly, i testet by start with XY push to the frame for same start position every time, but the it also hit the the frame, not good, so i went 2mm out in XY and made that my new firm start, but still its not that accurate still, using a new 720HDP webcam, i try another way tomorrow…

And here again.
It seems to be a problem then using either ABS or Aktuel position then go to FRAME or PRINT the 4 pointers.

If i do it from Actual position it will work most of the time, but then i have no firm start position og gonna do the burn process every time i startup, that cannot be the right war, or is it.

Got it all to work, but it is not stable, next day i do a fresh overlay to a object on the board, and the laser pointer isent the same place as on the overlay screen… Hmmmm

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