Calibrating my laser with table

my cnc is a 3018 pro max. y axis has movable table .
the dia. of table is 300mm for x
180 mm for y
the gantry can be moved along y axis and instructions tell me 48 mm from back of machine , but when i do that the table will not move in relation to x axis to lower left of the table. ie job starting point.
so i put laser in 1% power mode and fired laser moved the gantry so laser lined up with xy 00 point or job starting point front left corner . then i commanded laser to jog to far right corner of x axis which it did .
then i tried to get laser to go to back right corner but table moves forward and eventually hits front cross member and cannot go any further . i am loosing about 20mm of y axis ???
as anyone had success in determining proper location of the gantry ??
maybe best solution is to tell software i have a smaller table???

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