Cam500 impossible to align with S30 Ultra

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I’m begging for some help here. I bought an S30 Ultra that has a working size of 650x650mm. I also got a Scuplfun Cam500, which is supposed to be compatible with this. But it isn’t really, as it only has a 400x400mm area that it can see. So I spent an hour measuring out exactly 400x400mm under the camera on my 600x600mm honeycomb board, and I did the camera lens calibration on the top 400mm of the honeycomb board. No issues there. However, when I want to do the image alignment, and I would need to engrave the image, it wants to engrave it around the CENTER of the honeycomb board. I can’t manage to set it to engrave the picture in the same top 400x400 section where I calibrated the lens. Someone please help me, I’m new to this. I’ll attach a picture of the setup.

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Foremost, be aware, the workspace is 600×600, not larger (even a few mm less, depending on laser model).

That’s not supported by LightBurn (yet).

The Sculpfun CAM500 is incompatible with the full workspace. You need to align the camera with the front-left corner of the workspace (you need to mount the camera at the front, usually. You need to cover the area where the laser homes to) and add the laser another time to LightBurn using a 400x400 workspace. Then you can choose between the large workspace without camera or the smaller one with cam.

Everything is described step-by-step here:

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Thank you, I did this and now it works!

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