Camera Alignment & Calibration Backup

Hello All:

I’m thinking I may have to restore my shop/windows PC after a Microsoft Update that had failed.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to back up the Camera Alignment and Calibration so that once the computer has been restored and I put Lightburn back on it, I can then copy those files into the new application location so that I do not have to go through the alignment/calibration process again?

Thanks in advance and I appreciate the support…

Michael K.

There isn’t yet, but there is in the next release. You can back up all your LightBurn settings, including the camera data, by going to File > Open Prefs folder, and copying the Prefs.ini file there to a backup location.

To restore them, run LightBurn on the new system, open the Prefs folder as above, then quit the program. Copy the backup over the existing Prefs file once LightBurn is closed, because it always saves over them when you quit.

Will this also back up the settings for a Ruida controller? if not is that possible? Jason

No, those are stored in the controller itself. There are Load & Save buttons in the Machine Settings window for this, but that feature hasn’t been finished yet - it needs to be perfect as it’s about the only thing that could damage a machine if we get it wrong.

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