Camera Alignment capture is poor quality

I have a brand new 5mp 160 degree lightburn camera. I ran through the Calibrate Camera Lens and got great scores for all 9 captures. However when i run the Calibrate Camera Alignment and i get to the point where it asks me to run a capture of the targets that were burnt into my test board, the image is very dark and small and by the time i zoom into the image, the targets are very distorted and hard to see. Please help me find what i am doing wrong here. I have attached pictures of what i see.

  • When you say you got great scores for all captures, what were those scores?
    • Did any of them include “nan” in the text?
  • Did you move the pattern card to the extremes of the camera view as shown in the sample pictures, or did you just move around the bed of the laser a little bit?

I evidently selected my camera as a fish eye camera . I went back through the setup again and this time selected Standard camera and it fixed my problem. Thanks

Straight lines on your laser are curved in the camera view - your camera is a fish eye lens, but it is a bit harder to calibrate them.

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