Camera Alignment Changed

I recently got a LightBurn camera, calibrated the lens to .12-.13 in the various positions and aligned the camera. Everything worked fine for several weeks then today, its way off. I haven’t changed anything. I suppose I should realign it again. But, is this a common occurrence, or is it something else? I was within 1-2mm before, now I’m off 75-100mm.

Go to File->Load Prefs Backup. Pick a backup from a time before when it was for sure working.

See if that makes a difference.

I think that having to re-do the calibration once in a while is quite common. But this error margin looks more like a settings issue, as PY pointed out. I wanted to add that sometimes in my setup it helps to select another camera in the camera window and then change back to the original one. Then calibration seems to be reloaded (maybe that’s more or less the same as PY suggested in the background).

Yes!!! Loading backup worked.

Thank you and Melvin for you help!


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