Camera alignment during the target engrave. The frame command bangs into end travel

Trying to setup camera. able to install camera and do the dot pattern procedure with no problems and everything under .5 . Next step to burn 4 cross hair pattern for the alignment process. When I hit the frame command the heads travels both x and y and slams into the end travel. I have a 1200 by 600 mm bed using a rudia controller. The bed is programmed into both lightburn and the controller. Framing works normal when I use lightburn for projects. I had moved the head to center of bed and hit origin on controller. Hit frame in the alignment setup and head bangs into end each time. Tried other scaling factors and that doesn’t seem to do anything different with travel just changes the crooshair pattern as it should.

any ideas?

Is your laser homed? It has to be, because the camera system requires the use of Absolute Coords. The only other time I’ve seen this problem was with a user who didn’t have homing working on his Ruida machine.

Yup, got it figured out, thanks.

I am working on another issue. The preview window lower right shows the camera covers more on the bed then the picture you get with the overlays.

If only there were some way for us to see what you see…

maybe a screen shot will work

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