Camera alignment engraving wrong

Its happened twice as you can see in the picture that the text or file to be engraved goes to the wrong spot or is completely off.

I’m using an eleksmaker that has been converted to lead screws on the Y, a cohesion3d laser board.
A lightburn brand camera mounted directly above the workspace calibrated and aligned

What my camera showed before I started the burn

The first thing I notice is the diagonal lettering, which suggests that your machine is slipping, IE not going where it’s told. If that’s incorrect, let me know, but that would be the first thing to fix - if positioning of the machine itself is unreliable the camera system won’t be either.

After that, make sure that your machine is homed properly (IE, you have homing switches and are using them, or you have manually zero’d the machine) and that you are working in ‘Absolute Coords’ mode in LightBurn, as the camera system requires this as well.

It happened once and I turned up turned up the current on my Y axis to .8 amps, one driver per motor. and put a little more oil on the lead screws.
Before every burn I had framed workspace with no slipping and homed the machine to the endstops and

Thanks for the help. You were right. Due to the lead screws on the y axis it was skipping steps when moving too quickly with the certain settings in the config file

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