Camera alignment error after update

Can’t align lightburn camera due to the work being outside my work area on preview. My work area is correct in settings as 16x30.

I see that you’re working in inches.
Perhaps adjusting the scale is what is needed.

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That worked I’m just blind apparently. Thank you

Nonsense, It’s a real challenge to put controls where people are likely to look for them on their first time through a process.

People look where they are conditioned to look. I’m sure if I was given a page full of words and four numbered targets, I’d be looking at the targets too.

Did it scale up to that big number automatically?
If it did that, I might put in a request to see if it could be auto-scaled less.
Not a huge problem but it might be startling to some.

Well that solved one problem, however my original issue still remains as the camera overlay isn’t lining up with where the laser is actually burning.

Yes, it was working perfectly before update.

Ok. I’ll need a few more words (and half a clue) to get you through the next part.

How thick was the material that you engraved the targets on?

How thick is the thing you’re testing?

Could the camera have moved?

Did you change the bed height with the material thickness?

Did you set the offsets next to the scale to push the overlay around?

And the material was standard cardboard, I also tested on the cardboard.

I’m using a light burn camera mounted in a plastic housing, it does not move.

I did not change the bed height.

I did not change the overlay as I do not know what that is, I am still new.

I appreciate the help.

This is where I set it on my laptop and the second photo is where it’s actually going on the work.

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