Camera Alignment gray screen


I have seen this issue pop up and have read the post’s but they don’t seem to help me. I have tried this on 2 different computers both running an up to date Windows 10, and both using version 0.9.09.

I’m going through the Camera Alignment Wizard and running the sample image on to plywood. The trouble is the next step, I can see the live view of my bed in the preview, but when I click ‘capture image’ the screen where the captured image should be is grey. I have tried with more and less lighting and nothing is working. I ran the wizard last night and it worked perfectly, but I wasn’t happy with the placement of the camera so I moved it.

I also ran both of the calibration wizards with my built in webcam and it worked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ok, so after I ran the calibration and alignment with my built in webcam (just holding the dot pattern in front of the computer) and then in the alignment just clicking through the steps and not actually running the job through the laser, when I clicked ‘capture image’ the pic showed up (no grey screen).

I then tried running the set-up and wizard’s again with the lightburn camera and it worked, the image came up!

I hope this might help others out there who are having the same issues as I was.


If you have a honeycomb bed that is visible in the camera view, it looks like thousands of small circles to the code and can cause major problems with the pattern finder.

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