Camera alignment issue - bug?

I got my 90-degree camera from Lightburn and attached it to my K40 and went through the lens and camera alignment with some difficulty. First some feedback that I hope helps the documentation:

I couldn’t get the lens alignment to go the first time, when going by the documentation and after watching the YouTube video have a couple of hints that would be nice to add to the docs:

  1. Cover up anything on the bed that looks like a circle.
  2. Face the test pattern facing front always and angled so the pattern face is perpendicular with the camera lens.
  3. You are moving the test card in a 9-square pattern.
    Please correct the above if wrong but this is what I gathered from the video and things went much better for me.

Possible bug:
When doing the camera alignment, it was pretty self explanatory on the setup menu but at the end, I got a zoomed in overlay image on my screen that was showing a small portion of the upper left of my table. I had a hunch and seemed to fix it by zooming to show the entire table when marking the 4 corners and then I got a proper image when using the overlay feature. I noticed on the YouTube video afterward that the last thing that happened after marker 4 was set is that the author zoomed out before clicking Finish. There seems to be some funky behavior around this. My camera shows more than the bed and it would be good to set what I want cropped out of the full camera frame when an overlay occurs. It is looking like having the picture properly zoomed during alignment essentially does this from my experience but it is not documented and I’m not sure I totally have it figured out. Any suggestions?

The zoom at the end shouldn’t have any bearing on the end result, but anything is possible. I’ll check it. The camera code (under the hood) has received a significant overhaul for this next release, which should help with calibration accuracy as well.