Camera alignment not in the middle of bed

When aligning camera, the burn will only scale up to 170% but it could go much bigger. Also when I do the burn it burns in the lower part of the bed. But In lightburn it shows the placement as the middle of the bed. How can I solve this? It’s a omtech 80 watt bed. And the camera has worked fine before. Also I should add the bed size is correct in lightburn. The bed size is 500x700 and this is the 85 degree camera mounted in the lid.

It looks like your working size for your laser might be defined incorrectly in Device Settings.

You state that your laser is 500x700 but the picture looks like it would be something like 840x600.

Can you take a look at Device Settings and confirm your working size?

So that’s showing 700x500… Is your bed wider than tall or taller than wide (500x700)? I thought you were saying that’s it’s supposed to be taller.

This is the machine I have… so I have it backwards in settings?

I don’t think so. I just got confused when you listed 500x700 as I’m used to seeing X dimension listed first. Also it may be an optical illusion but your board and laser bed looked taller than wide.

When you do the framing operation does it frame appropriately?

Do other burns work correctly while not doing camera alignment? Both in terms of placement and scale…

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