Camera alignment not saved

Just a quick question:
After I go through the camera calibration and alignment process, the settings don’t seem to be saved.
In other words, when I load up LB next time and try to click “Update Overlay” I am told that I must go through the camera alignment process again.
I am running LB as Administrator on my Windows 8 box, thinking it might be a file access issue.
The app is performing marvelously otherwise.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you re-selected the same camera, and laser?

All the camera information is saved to your device preferences (the laser profile) so assuming those are saved and restored correctly, the camera information should be too, and it’s stored in a user location, so it shouldn’t need admin rights.

Go to File > Open prefs folder, then quit LightBurn, and open the prefs.ini file in Notepad (or another text editor). Look for “cameraMatrix” and “distortionMatrix”. If those are in there, the camera info is saved.

Thanks again for your help Oz.
I have the valid ‘prefs.ini’ file as you said. It, of course, seems to be working fine now but I do an extra backup of the preferences file just in case now.
Be well,
Rob h.

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