Camera alignment problem

as in the title, I’m having a problem with the alignment calibration. The Lens calibration goes fine, the laser burns the four calibration spots but when I get to the part where I need to click on the spots there is no image. The area is a light blue color with no spots. I show an image in the camera control window but not in the calibration area. I have tried changing custom to default with no change to the screen. I’m using a cheapo webcam in Windows 10 and am having no problems with the camera in other programs. I sure hope someone can help.
Thank you


Please show a screen capture so we can see what you do.

Here’s a screenshot, there’s no image in the calibration pane, but there is an image in the camera control pane.

On the screen before that, did you click ‘Capture Image’?


(I should really set that so you can’t advance to the next page until you do…)

Well, I sure have a case of the dumbs. I never even noticed that. I clicked on it and there’s the image! Thank you so much.

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