Camera Alignment still going off, Possibly Rotary?

Hello, I have a Boss Laser with a Ruida controller. Running latest version of Lightburn with a Lightburn camera. I posted earlier that I was having an issue with my camera alignment changing for no apparent reason. I have noticed that it has happened after I have used the rotary. Both times though I have set it back to rotary off. To be honest I use RD works for the rotary. I’ve used it before and then reset it with no issue. This seems to have happened after the last update to LB. If I can provide any more info let me know

If the rotary setting was left on, it would certainly affect it - The setting is stored in the controller itself, and is sticky - it has to be turned off when you’re done, or it will affect the Y scale of the job.

It didn’t start happening until recently, when I switch from rotary back to normal mode I make sure I write it to the controller. Anything else I should be doing?

That should be it - It can be worthwhile going to the Rotary Setup screen again just to make sure that the switch is disabled for sure.

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