Camera Alignment - Unable to engrave

I am trying to use the camera alignment tool, but my setup is unable to do the engraving. I use the software with a Ruida controller for a pen plotter - the pen plotter is connected to a pneumatic system, and there is a minimum amount of time needed for the pen to travel (and the pressured air to react).

I have a working profile for the machine, where there is a 300ms delay for start pause time, but it looks like the alignment tool program overwrites it.

Wondering if there is a solution for above issue? Maybe there is a DXF of the alignment graphic and I can do the “engraving (plot)” manually outside the alignment tool wizard?

Hi Eric, I’m not sure if we have a way around this at this time, but I’ll get some eyes on it and see what we can come up with.

Follow-Up - After discussing internally, we unfortunately we don’t have a way around this at the current moment. Even pen plotter support is less than ideal at the moment.

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Not sure if I understand the actual complication. Are you saying that you’re unable to create the alignment targets due to the delay requirement?

If that’s the case then you can build any alignment targets that you like. It doesn’t need to be done during the alignment process.

  1. Create 4 targets where the centers of the targets are arranged at the corners of a 180 mm square. The size is very important.
  2. The targets should be numbered 1-4 clockwise starting from the top-left.
  3. Center the targets onto your workspace preserving size and orientation
  4. Now… you can scale the size of the square that defines the distance of the targets beyond 180mm to fill your bed but you need to track the relative scale increase so that you can enter that scale value in the Alignment tool. The alignment assumes the 180mm distance.
  5. Create the targets and then continue Alignment process

The target should look something like this. The specifics other than size and location of the targets don’t matter but I suggest you go with something high contrast.

Thanks so much! this worked out well. I ended up having to manually marker the circular targets to help make it more visible. I did not realize that the alignment was manual

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