Camera alignment with fixed Z bed

I also have a similar problem with it. Live is offset by a couple of cm at times

if you compare the project with the camera picture you can see that the edge is not how it is supposed to be. Now for this project it is fine but not for some future projects…

and now with updated overlay

It looks like you ran the markers at one height, then ran the job at a different height. The surface of the material you’re engraving has to be the same distance from the camera as the material surface you ran the markers on. If the distance to the camera is different, the alignment will be off.

So are you saying a camera calibration is needed for different material thicknesses?

Aahaaa I guess that makes sense… but this problem also arises when I have a material thickness of a fraction of a mm. When I print business cards on wood or painted metal for excample.

Also, your camera calibration program just has the old cameras’ standard settings in. Bit since you sell a new angle type could you update the standards? I guess the problem that I have is that I don’t seem to get the calibration started. Even tho I have it perpendicular to the camera it doesn’t seem to pick the pattern up… Any tips?

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