Camera alignment with overhead camera facing straight down

I have the recommended camera from a few months back, it seems to do a great job. However, I have messed with and guessed my way through the alignment process enough times to get it “close” but not dead accurate. The alignment photos show the camera looking over the bed from an angle. Could you please illustrate the proper locations for the dot patterns when a camera is directly overhead on a large bed? Mine is 5x9 feet, and I can only get close from overhead at about 6 feet off the bed. Otherwise I can’t see enough of the bed to be usable. I lay the dots flat in the extreme corners, in the center line of the bed, then the opposite extreme corners. It seems to all square up, but wants to offset to the right no matter what I do. Any tips for a large bed with camera??

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I’ve aligned two cameras recently and from going through the process and watching /reading guides I believe it isn’t necessarily the position on the bed but the amount of space in the image.
Also on such a large bed the pixels per mm of bed might not allow for dead on accuracy. I remember Oz stating something about that in a previous post.

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