Camera alignment wizard issue, 09.11

Win 10
ortur master
camera OV5648 usb 5 MP
When attempting to set up Camera alignment wizard to burn the 75% pattern, the camera is working. the problem starts when I select the Frame button to stream the image under the laser tab the bar that shows Ready/Busy is at 100%.
it goes to 100% right after selecting Frame.
so the laser does not burn the image of the test pattern.
to clear the issue I have to cycle the reset on the laser go to the Device tab select GRBL. I then have to reset the laser.
The laser goes to the home position.

  • Does the laser have homing switches?
  • Can you use ‘Frame’ normally, when in Absolute Coords mode?

yes the laser has homing switches and I start out in the home position and the switches do activate.

Alarm 2 is showing in the window.
also how can I query the system
to look at various settings? I tried $$ and it comes back with ok.

You’re going out of bounds because the scale is still too high for the size of your work area - you can see the tops of the circular targets going past the work space:


Drop the scale to 70 instead of 75 and you should be good.

Thank you! I will give that a try!

Thank you OZ,
Your recommendation rectified my problem, I just purchased the software last night and up dated it. I beginning to think the update was the issue. But as my says to me, OE error🤣

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