Camera Alignment Wizard - Rotary Pop Up

Every time I run the camera alignment wizard, it tells me my rotary is enabled and asks me if I would like to disable it. I say yes and the wizard runs but my rotary is never enabled when this pops up.
Is there a reason for this? Do I have some setting that needs to be tweaked?

I get that every time I run the alignment but usually forget to follow through and everything works normally. Should be interesting to see how this progresses.

Same here. :slight_smile: didn’t think of it until I saw this post.

There was a flaw in the logic - I’m effectively asking two questions:

  • Is rotary supported for this controller?
  • Is rotary enabled for this controller?

I was displaying the pop up if rotary is supported - not if it’s supported and enabled. I’ve fixed that and it will be in the next release. It’s harmless to ignore it.

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