Camera allinement

Hi I work with alot of the cheaper diode lasers like the Ortur LM2 it’s been brought to my attention that camera allinement gets thrown off you change the height of the laser module and don’t change the bed for different materials. My question is if the camera raised and lowered to match the laser would this be a workaround? Or are the corners going to get changed or anything of that sort?

if the distance from the camera to the material level does not change, everything should be fine

I do not think that is correct. The camera is “tied” to the machine and not to the workpiece. If you move your camera just a few millimeters, the accuracy is gone. For rough orientation it is probably still good enough but for scanning and tracing in the plus / minus 1mm range it is no longer suitable.

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Actually, you are both correct. The distance from the camera gets fixed during the setup process. Correctly configured, this “fixed distance” is between the lens and the height of a well-focused beam. Any change to that distance will require re-doing the alignment process, or loading one you have exported previously.

The settings are stored in your prefs.ini file. You export / import them by right-clicking in the Camera Control window.

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