Camera became stupid

Camera was working fine, now it’s way out. I ran calibration 4 times, and when first done it responds almost exact, then it acts like it’s not saved. It becomes almost 1 inch off, and it started after laptop froze and a windows 10 update.

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Did you run calibration, alignment, or both? How do you have it mounted? Can you show pictures of the mount, and a capture, so I can see what you see?

It’s really important that when you use the capture, the top of the material is the same distance from the laser as the card was when you ran the alignment job. The settings are saved with the laser profile, so if you deleted and re-found your laser, you’d wipe out the camera info.

Not sure what was happening but it came back I had another update on my laptop rerun calibration and now it’s back camera is mounted with screws hinge is solid folding always opens exact same distance.what ever happened with the update it didn’t finish the first time ran windows update and it is ok. Thanks for the reply

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