Camera bleached out

I am trying to setup my new camera and I got past the calibration by shutting off all lights and blocking laser light then using a flashlight, but now the camera cannot see what it burned into the paper no matter how much or little light there is.

What can I do.

60w Orion co2 laser with ruidia controller and 90 degree camera.

Most likely what’s happening is the auto-exposure is seeing the black bed as the bulk of the image and adjusting for that.

What OS are you using? We have a completely new camera system in test now for Windows, and it includes manual overrides for brightness and exposure controls.


Is it for Windows 10? And how soon will it be available?

Great news.
Was my issue in my post below addressed as well or this is only how it is represented on my screen?

I did not even see that request - As you noted yourself, if it’s not on Fider it is not tracked. Fider itself just needs an email address, and that’s it - it’s not a password, just a cookie system, and doesn’t email you for anything other than updates to things you’ve voted for or commented on.

Yes, specifically for Windows. It will be available when it’s ready - I don’t give dates, because they slip if we find issues.

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I am using Windows 10. and your assessment sounds correct. How will I know when it becomes available?

If you’re using the latest version of LightBurn (0.9.09), it will tell you.

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