Camera blurry issues

Hi I just got a Thunder Nova 24.
I got my camera in and up and working but not right.
When I zoom in it is real blurry .
I have adj the lens did the setup 4+ times and still not happy with the quality.
I got on with Brian at thunder and we got the same results.
Need help.

nova 24, 4k-w85, thundercam. more on that here

we initiated a remote support session to go back over lens cal and cam align. manually focused the cam as good as it could be. still pixelated when zooming in. seems the4kw85 wastes a lot of real estate sensor real estate on that machine. maybe a higher res and/or narrower field of view is a solution. We get very few reports of this (3 in 3007 to be exact) and they were all on 4kw85 cams.

but, this is actually secondary as the alignment will not stick. its off my a considerable amount so repeatability is not possible. i think the alignment being off can only be caused by the camera position, in relation to the surface of the substrate, changing from slop in the door, mount, struts, etc…

the issue is, the view is so poor, you cannot even visually align to objects with the overlay magnification at the required level. so until we mitigate the resolution and clarity of the workpiece, we cannot visually dial in the alignment.

this is the procedure we follow when setting up the cam:

here is the field of view presently

and, just fyi: this seems to be a thundercam specific issue. we think it is due the incorrect fov lens being sent in some cases. we will investigate further and provide more info and solutions here and on our client portal