Camera Calibration Angle

When calibrating the camera, I only have a top down position. How do I setup the camera to angle the camera toward the bed at 60 degrees, in order that I can mount the camera from the front. The laser is in an XTool enclosure. Thank you.

When doing lens calibration the angle won’t matter but make sure you’re getting very good scores, especially since you’re planning to use your camera at an angle. You may want to do the lens calibration outside the machine in this case.

Once you’ve done lens calibration, mount the camera where and at the angle that you want it. Make sure that you have a clear view of the entirety of the bed.

Proceed to Camera Alignment with the camera positioned in the desired location and orientation. Complete the target alignment process. LightBurn should correct for orientation and perspective.

Note that the live feed will not be perspective corrected. However, once you capture the overlay the captured image should be corrected.

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