Camera calibration in Linux

I recently purchased Lightburn and for the most part I LOVE it.

I’ve watched every video that I can find, and recently purchased a camera for use with my Chinese blue and white laser.

The initial installation went very smoothly. When I click the camera control tab, my camera appears, and I can see my laser bed with no issues.

I was able to calibrate the camera lens, and achieved numbers for each captured image of under .40.

The problem comes when I try to calibrate the camera alignment. If I click the link from within the lens alignment wizard, it asks me which camera to use. I choose the proper camera, then click next. I am then given the option to burn a test pattern. After the test pattern is burned, I click next. the next screen that comes up shows a blank camera window with a button to capture the test image. no matter how many times I click the capture button, no image is captured, and the only option at that point is to cancel.

If I try to click Calibrate Camera Alignment directly from the tool menu, it asks me to select my camera. I choose the correct camera, and a black box opens up. The program halts at this point, and the only option I am given is to cancel.

I’m running Linux mint, 18.3 with an ELP-USB100W03M camera, and LightBurn Beta 0.8.07

Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.


I set up a dual boot and installed the trial version of Lightburn on a windows 7 partition. Everything works as it should.

Am I correct in stating that lightburn does not support camera function in Linux at this time?

It’s supposed to, but I do not have a dedicated Linux machine yet, and USB port forwarding through to the VM eludes me.

Next week, I will be officially done my day job and on LightBurn full time, and I have plans to set up a proper Linux box to test on - the camera functions have been brought up before as not working on Linux, but I just don’t have a way to work through it yet.

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USB passthrough is always a pain with VM’s. Congratulations on being able to transition to LightBurn full time! That’s very exciting! If I remember when I get home today, I’ll try to find my usb webcam and try to test this out in Ubuntu

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