Camera Calibration Issue - Screen keep blink and then freeze

Hello, I am using a new Aeon Laser Mira 7 and have issue when I calibrate the camera. Everytime when I choose calibrate lens, the windows showing the camera view keep blinging and then the screen is freeze and only showing half of the image, and then I can’t proceed to the next step. I am using the latest version of Lightburn v.09.24

Cover the honeycomb bed with paper, it confuses the camera. I had the same experience, and I used green painters paper on a roll, it’s used for masking off cars. But use any solid color.

Thanks for the reply, I searched from the forum before and found that many similar suggestions. The problem is I even can’t click the “capture” button, whenever I enter the calibration page, the camera screen blinked and only then freeze, even not have a chance to capture the photo for calibration.

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