Camera calibration not saving

Don’t know what is going on. I set my camera up last month. Did all the calibration stuff and everything worked great. Use my engraver almost every day and the camera has worked perfectly for lining up my work. Today when I turned everything on, created my art on the lightburn screen, shot my overlay, moved the art in position over the item I was going to engrave. Checked the frame and it was off by about 2".

What?? So, i did the calibration again. Everything went fine. Engraved 4-5 projects and went to lunch. Came back and went to engrave something else and Lightburn crashed on me. Did the ole" program not responding, wait or close". I closed it, restarted it. Now Lightburn didn’t even have my camera saved anymore. Have to go all the way back to the beginning and do the whole setup again.

What gives? is this some kind of glitch or am I not saving something somewhere that I should be?

The prefs are saved automatically when they change. If you go to File > Open prefs folder there’s a backup folder.

Quit LightBurn, then copy one from the previous day out of the backup folder over the main one, then restart. If the camera settings were removed, but didn’t save again because of the crash, that should recover them.

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