Camera calibration problem-rotary enabled error message

I’m having an issue calibrating my camera. Hopefully, someone has seen this issue and has some suggestions on how to fix it. I’m using a Lightburn 120 degree 5MP fisheye camera on a Chinese 60W laser. The computer it’s connected to is using Windows 8.1 and the version of Lightburn is 0.9.16.

The camera will allow the lens calibration but when I start to do the camera alignment, Lightburn gives an error saying Rotary Mode Is Enabled. I have not set up a rotary and the tick box in the rotary setup dialog shows that it is off. Lightburn will not burn the test pattern while this error is there. If I select to have Lightburn disable the rotary I get a message saying Disabling Rotary Mode Did Not Work. Anyone have suggestions on how to fix this?

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It doesn’t look like the 320A supports rotary settings in hardware. I’ve added code to manage this correctly, so it doesn’t report that the rotary is enabled either - it will be in the next release.

Thank you for replying. My issue was a sensor issue. This is a new laser and evidently one of the sensors was not making a good connection. I reconnected it and now the calibration is working now.

I am having the same issue when installing an new 140 Lightburn camera on my new China 100watt laser.

What sensor did you check?


I’s not a sensor issue, it’s a bug, and it’s been fixed.


Oz from Lightburn is right. There was a software bug that he fixed, but in my case I also had a sensor issue. When my laser arrived, two of the connectors were partially unplugged. One was the sensor on the door. (I traced the wire and unplugged and re-plugged the connector.) The second was one of the connectors from the control pad to the circuit board in the electronics cubby. I went through and made sure all the connections in the electronics cubby were good and tight even though it appeared that they were hot-glued in place. One was loose, which initially made my laser not able to fire.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the info.
The patch fixed my issue!

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