Camera camera camera, Woe is me

So I had typed in a different thread, but got so busy I had to abandon it. My day job sells collaboration / online meetings, so with covid I’ve been super busy.

Anyway - I have the camera - installed in my Mira 9. it’s the one with the 6 notches that is impossible to get a grip on to turn - no bueno.

It’s in a lightburn logo’d mount - can this camera easily be swapped with the auto-focus one you all sell?

It probably can, yes, but you only need to focus once, and then never again. If you remove the camera from the mount, you should be able to hook an fingernail into one of the notches around the lens to turn it.

But yes, we have exactly one camera that’s auto-focus (the 8mp-N-75), and if you go to Help > Camera selection help and double click it, it’ll take you to the listing for it on our site.

My wife had a pair of jewelery pliers - needle nose with round prongs - that i was able to use to focus the darn thing - and it’s better now - seems to have corrected my slight alignment issues too?

Better focus should certainly help, yes. Let me know if you’re still having trouble with it.

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