Camera complication?

The special envelope arrived yesterday and I set today for building the exquisite acrylic mount posted on the forum. I had already connected the cam to my main household computer and found that the video window appears in Lightburn. Routing the wires should be trivial, as I have a convenient hole where the up-table switch once inhabited.

I should have tested before I began that aspect of the project, as I’ve found that there is no image in the lightburn software on the hobby room computer.

The device shows in the device manager in two locations, Imaging and also in Sound, Video and Game.

Running Windows 7 on both.

What is the next thing to check?
try with this…

Also be sure no other software is using the cam at same moment

I remember seeing that link a while back, downloaded the driver file, which then told me no supported devices. The camera is the only image device on this machine, no cameras, scanners, etc, and it does show in the selection box, no camera, lightburn camera and can be selected. At that point, I expected to see, as I did on the house computer, an image, but only a blank panel. The screwy part is that there’s another win7 computer with a lot more stuff connected that handles the camera great. It’s fifty feet (250 toes) away from the laser and that’s just not practical.

after re-reading the linked post, I found the solution in the portion that says to open the inno folder and run the executables within. After doing that, the troublesome computer displays the correct images.

Problem solved!

Great! :muscle::ok_hand: