Camera control panel

I have the latest software update.
My que

stion is about the Camera Auto Exposure and Auto Brightness, does not appear on my camera control panel.

This only appears if you are using “Custom Camera Control” in Edit->Settings->Camera Capture System.

Thanks, I just found that. Maybe you also know. My objects never come out the correct size. I am always having to adjust, X and Y and W&H. Understanding the thickest of the object can have a play on this. Circles for example come out oval until I adjust. Thanks again.

Do a mechanical review of the machine. You may be overtensioned on one or more of the axes. The laser head should move effortlessly to all corners of the machine.

Are you referring to camera images?

Yes, was using a circle and a square peice of wood that put on the overlay

Thanks but the cuts are good, it is when using the camera and the overly picture thats off

You’re saying the overlay pictures show an oval when the original object is round?

Can you take a screenshot showing this and a photo of the original object?

Thanks, with the new setting with the auto Exposure and Auto Brightness available I need to go and recal the camera. Will do after I get back from work later today

Thanks all I just recal my camera with the custom camera system turn on. much better. I did a square 3.5 x 3.5 in and updated overlay of the burn and had to update my y shift by .5. Then I updated with a 3.5 wooden square. Had to adjust the W by -2 and H by -2.5. Is this normal and will I have to adjust the W&H and XY shift each time i put a different height material on the board. Example wood slices. I hope this makes sense.

The camera alignment is only good for a single focal distance from material to camera. If you are changing the material height then yes, your calibration will then be off.

You can avoid this if you have a height adjustable bed where the focal distance remains the same while the material moves up and down to maintain focus.

sorry for the very late response. Thanks for the help, I think I kind of know what I am doing. Thanks again