Camera Control Window bug report

This is a bug report not a question, but I can’t find a place for bug reports. While others have reported the problem as a question this is the actual bug report and a solution. This is on Windows; I am using windows 11 but I would think it would be a general windows version bug.

If the camera control window is undocked, then turned off (x’ed out) and Lightburn is closed then the coordinates of the window are somewhere off the screen. Toggling the camera control window on and off will display it someplace that can’t be seen, the effect is it looks like the toggling isn’t working.

The window can be brought back into view by toggling it on, exiting Lightburn and starting Lightburn again. This will put the window in the top left of the screen but the top bar that needs to be grabbed to move it is not on the screen. This can be fixed by resizing the window. My work around for this bug is I dock it with the Laser window and undock it only when needed and dock it again when done,

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Hello Daniel,

Thank you for reporting.

For future reference, bug reports can also be made to