Camera controls

Is there an update for the camera control? The window comes up tiny in the corner and the close window is not visible. Also, there are no full screen or minimize buttons.
If I want to make the window bigger it will warp the image

I think it should stay in the same ratio but does not behave that way.

You should be able to drag the window to resize it and move it to wherever on the screen you want. Based on your pics, it looks like you can do this.

Technically, this is a dialog box (like a bigger version of the “Do you want to save your file?” popup), not a full window, which is why it wouldn’t have the maximize capability.

Are you referring to the black bars on the sides?

The image is staying the same ratio, you’re just getting black bars to fill the extra space if you’ve made the dialog box too wide or tall.

I recognize that the bars are fillers, but in the provided images, the second one is distorted. The angle of the work is different from one to the next and the aspect ratio of the first image is greater than the image minus the black bars in the second.

The original poster may not have under stood that the photo is for previewing what the camera sees not how you set up your image for scaling in the LB work area. just my thoughts.

When you launch LightBurn, hold the Shift key to reset the window layout - once in a rare while, for reasons I’ve not found yet, the positions get corrupted, and holding Shift on launch resets them.

The aspect ratio is because the newer camera system uses a different method for previewing than the old system, and I haven’t corrected the display. It doesn’t affect the capture & overlay functions, just the live preview.

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