Camera data confusion

The source from LightBurn web page says a 5mp 120 - min mount distance is 15.75"
The source from lightburn software says a 5mp 120 - min mount distance is 138.14"

I was wanting to mount it about 15 to 20 inches above the bed.
I Bought the wrong $60 camera based on lightburn data and it is non returnable?
Or is the data referenced from the camera window in Lightburn incorrect?

it will be a few weeks before I am back home to try it on the diode laser machine I intend to mount it on and I would like to have the correct camera ready to mount when I get back home.

The webpage is an example only, and since it can’t know the size of your laser, it won’t be correct. Camera distance can only be figured out by using the working size of the laser, so if you know the usable working space of the machine, we could help you pick a camera.

Found my problem … is now corrected.

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