Camera Feature Suggestion

I have a 1300 x 900 bed. I have a camera that I use to cover the whole bed, but at that big a bed, even with the 8MP, the resolution is not as great as I’d like for it to be.

I would like an option where I can connect a second camera to it that would only show a small section of the bed (in my case the center 12” x 12” section) where I can expect a much higher level of accuracy for fine work, while still being able to,on-demand, switch to my camera that covers the whole bed to be able to cut a large piece.

Again, just a suggestion that I think would benefit many of us larger-bed folks, while getting you guys to sell some more cameras!

Many thanks in advance, I’m a fan of the software.

There is nothing preventing you from doing that right now - You’d export your camera data for the current one, then calibrate and align with the smaller camera. When you want to use a different camera, just right-click on the Camera Control window and import the appropriate camera calibration data.

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