Camera Focus issues 4k 95degree

I have the 4K 95degree camera that arrived a few weeks ago. I finally finished up with a large job and hand a chance to get it set up. I can not seem to get a good focus. I manually adjusted the lens all the way in and all the way out. The attached photo is the best I can get. It is very fuzzy and hard to get a trace on an object. I was able to get good scores on the lens calibration and an alignment. I have fiddled with it since, so the camera is no longer aligned in the attached photo, but it shows the best focus I could get.


700X500 red and black, camera is mounted above the handle on the door. Camera is 28" from tip to the bed. Running .09.16. Also, I tried adding extra lighting through LED strips and it does not help. Camera is connected directly to the computer ( I had an extension, but removing made no difference)

Any suggestions on what to try.

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