Camera Focus Problems

I installed my lightburn 160 camera and I am having focus problems. I have a BOSS 1630. The camera is mounted on the internal top front edge of the hood as described in lightburn camera tutorials. When the hood is open the camera faces straight down on the bed. The lens is 30 inches from the bed. With great difficulty I was able to get through the set up but the image is blurry. I can turn the camera lens to manual focus but the camera seems unable to focus at the distance from the hood to the bed. If I hold an image up closer to the lens at about 15 inches I can get a little better focus. Am I missing something that will help me focus this??? If I move the camera to the inside top center of the lid (which is not where we were instructed to install this) I may be able to get it closer to the bed. Advice please.

How did you chose that camera? The camera selection tool in LightBurn shows this:


If you were mount on the inside of the lid with it closed, dead center of the laser bed looking straight down, that should work with this lens. You’d have to make sure that the camera could still see the whole bed area, and there’s enough distance between the laser head and the camera that you won’t hit it.

I received the camera as a christmas gift, so husband picked the one with the widest view…

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