Camera for a Boss LS 1420?

Hello, I have tried figuring out which camera that I need for my Boss 1420 but cannot seem to grasp which would work. I tried to reach out to Boss and they replied that I needed to ask Lightburn.

Based upon the spec sheet, I’m seeing that the bed is 551.18x485.14.

Can anyone help and tell me which laser to purchase? (Edit: I meant camera not laser.)

Also, I see that there is a newer model camera which is currently sold out. Is it silly for me to buy the one in stock instead of waiting for the new one to be back in stock?


You identify the size of bed but you also need to know where you are going to mount the camera and calculate the distance it will be from the bed when in focus. Have a look at these posts for further information on how to determine the correct choice.

Can I assume the above is a mistyped question and that you meant “camera” instead of “laser”?

Arg. Yes, I absolutely meant camera instead of laser in that line.

Thank you for sharing those. I was looking at them but wasn’t sure what that actually meant. Are there standard places where people would mount the cameras? I’m not sure whether there is one spot which would be more beneficial?

Thank you!!

I did a quick forum search (found at the top-right of each page :wink: ) for “best place to mount a camera” and found this post:

Thank you so much! Apologies for not thinking to search for that. That should have been my first stop. I really appreciate your help!

No worries, we are all good. Not wanting to “take anyone to task” if you will, just pointing out one of the valuable features of using a forum for supporting LightBurn. We have captured a ton of really good information here over time and using search will help in discovering the goodies within.

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A few of our members with Boss 1620 and 1420 machines have reported success with the 60 degree camera. The important part is the mounting height, as Rick mentioned. I have a Nova 24 laser with similar bed dimensions (600 x 400 mm) and on that system, at 800mm directly above the center of the bed, the 60 degree lens is a perfect fit. The newer cameras you’re referring to are 8 megapixel, wide aspect cameras, intended for larger machines (1000mm or larger). Using one on a smaller system would be overkill.

I have the 60 degree camera mounted on the lid of my 1420 and it works great. Just be sure you mount it on the lid so that the camera is directly over the center of the bed when the lid is fully opened.

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