Camera for Omtech 100W Ruida

Hello everyone,

My laser is getting delivered on Monday and I wanted to know if anyone is using the same laser as mine and can tell me what camera I need to purchase. I know there is a camera selection helper on the software, but I want to get it ordered to stay ahead of the curve.

So anyone that has the 100W Omtech with the Ruida Controller, can you tell me what lense/camera I need to get for proper FOV?

I understand threads get locked here and customers are asked to use the tutorial, but let me repeat I don’t have the laser yet so I can’t take measurements. Just want to order ahead of time, so if anyone has the same laser as me can chime in?

Thank you in advance.

Just not sure on that height… if someone can either measure theirs for me or tell me what they got?

Can’t help with the camera but would check the controller , few people having issues with the KT332N supplied in the eBay ones as a premium controller