Camera height resolution tradeoffs - OLM3 in Enclosure 2.0

I have an Ortur Laser Master 3 and have recently added the Enclosure 2.0 for it. I would like to add a camera to use that functionality of Lightburn. There is not a lot of height in the Enclosure 2.0, so a relatively close camera position will be needed. (I still need to figure out the clearance if I use the higher foldout legs). It seems that the higher angle lensed cameras are sold out at the moment. First, is there a big difference in th8s application between the 5 MP and 8 MP cameras? The 8MP camera page has a factor for mounting height, while the 5 MP does not. I know the help has that info, but I don’t have Lightburn on my usual computer. It would be nice to have the factors for each camera available independently of the software, so I can do the engineering design.
400x400 field
120 degree lens factor 2.6 → 154 mm or 6 inches high
85 degree lens Factor 1.6 → 250 mm or 9.9 inches high
These seem to differ from what I recall from the help file.
I plan to build a frame to attach to the laser frame to keep the camera in a fixed position. What is the depth of field for the camera, since the laser head can be moved up and down relative to the laser frame?
Any other things I need to take into consideration?


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