Camera Help - Multiple degree and distance options would work

I apologize for yet another camera post. I tried looking through others, but didn’t find exactly my situation.

I have a Nova 51 Thunder laser, bed size Max is 1300mm, or 51.2 inches. I have multiple possible mounting points, from as far away as 38 inches (top of the door when it’s opened) to as close as 18 inches (the hinges of the door). My question, as I can make almost any of the cameras work, is what is preferred? Closer camera, but more distortion to account for. Or farther away, with possibly less resolution to use? I know Lightburn recommends the smallest degree possible, but was wanting to know if there was such a thing as “too far away.”

So for my machine the values would be:

160 degree - 18.9 inches
140 - 28.4
120 - 34.13
90/80 - 36.5
60 - 62 (definitely won’t work)

If I mount at the top of the door, it would be the smallest degree, but farthest away, and when shut, it would be a narrower angle of the table. Once again, I apologize, I’ve done the math, and it would be much easier if only one camera size worked. But as it stands now, I can make almost all of them work. Any direction is much appreciated. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’d recommend the 120 for your case. The 90 would work too, but the 120 will give you a little bit more viewing angle (and therefore a little bit more wiggle room) and would see more of the work when the door was closed.


Would you recommend mounting the 120 at the 38 inch mark at the top of the lid then?

Also, seriously, you guys are amazing. Your software and support is worth so much.

Yup - that should work just fine.