Camera high numbers

Hi guys

Ive got three 60 degree lightburn camera, sat at the ideal height for my bed, but trying to calibrate etc and the numbers im getting are waaay too high. Lighting looks good, image is clear. What am i doing wrong?

A few things jump out right away:

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Thanks for the advice Oz. I’ve managed to calibrate it again, and got 0.3 or less on each capture. However, when actually testing it out…it is engraving way off to where the (in this case) a line of text is. It’s at least 8 inches off vertically and about 5 inches to the side :confused: any thoughts?

Are you using your machine in Absolute Coordinates mode? (You have to for the work to go where the camera image shows it).

Your profile says “blue and white”, not “Ruida”, “Trocen”, etc. If you specify your controller in the machines section, we can help you more easily.

Hmm, i thought i was using absolute co ords… ill check today. Apologies, yes its a Ruida

The latest versions force you back to Absolute Coords when you take a camera capture, but you show 0.9.07 here, so it’s worth checking

The other thing that happens often is that people back out of the Camera Alignment wizard, then go back through it, but forget to set the Scale value the second time through. This is also fixed on the latest release.

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