Camera in camera list but no camera view showing

A little background about myself. I own a Signshop in North Western Pennsylvania and we typically do digitally printed signs but 2 years ago we purchased a CNC Router then this past December we purchased a Thunder Laser Nova 35 - 100 watt.

I absolutely love the laser and Brian has been awesome, but I’m having an issue getting my camera figured out.

My system is running Windows 10 and the only software installed on it is Mach3, Mach 4, Lightburn & whatever Windows installs.

I purchased the camera Brian recommended the label on the box has SVPRO 100 Degree. Brian said to reference it as a ELP 5mp camera.

I started with a 15’ usb cable (I need 12’ to reach my computer) and I could get the camera to work except the camera was flickering from what I assume was interference. Brian recommended me to purchase a powered RJ 45 Extension Adapter, that allows you to run ethernet so you do not have the issues with interference. I plugged this adapter in & initially no camera showed in the camera tab, I changed usb ports & restarted Lightburn now the USB CAMERA shows up but no camera view & when I go into camera lens calibration I can still select my camera but I cannot see a camera view like before, nor with the calibration allow me to select Next.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Try plugging the camera directly into the PC with a relatively short cable. If that works, get an active USB 2.0 powered extension cable, not the RJ45 thing. USB is limited to 16ft for a single run, and these cameras push a lot of date through the cable.

Oz, thank you for the reply. I did try to plug the camera directly to the computer using the RJ 45 adapter but not with a short usb cable. I will try it in the morning.

I cannot seem to find shorter (16’ powered extension cables) but I found this longer cable.

But for shorter active cables I found this one.

Which of these do you recommend? Or would plugging a regular 15’ USB cable into a powered hub work the same as the active cable?


Ok so plugging it directly into my computer using a 10’ usb extension cable works but when I add the 6’ USB printer cable plugged into the lasercabinet I get interference flicker again. Would a powered hub work with the cables I have?


Looks like you have found the solution.

The 2nd one should work. The first looked like it was USB 3.0 compliant, which is overkill here. Powered (with an adapter) might be preferable over the 2nd one you showed. A powered cable is essentially just a single port hub, so I’d expect a hub to work just as well, but you’d need to plug the hub into the computer, then the existing 10ft cable into the hub. Don’t exceed 15’ for any single wire run unless it’s an active cable designed for it.

Oz so if a powered cable is better ill just get the cable from the 1st link even though its overkill. I’d rather have too much than boarderline

That is if that’s what you think would be best. We are build an addition onto our business this spring to house our CNC Router, Laser & wood storage so I’m not sure how close the laser will be to the computer.

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